Why Choose Career Heights?

  1. We are passionate about helping you, and we want you to succeed. We tailor our solutions to your specific needs.

  2. We have extensive experience in human resources working as recruiters, helping hiring managers find great talent and suitable employees. We will give you insights into the recruitment and hiring process to enable you to compete effectively and win in your job campaign.

  3. We are certified resume writers and career coaches dedicated to continuous learning and development to help you align with changing industry trends.

  4. Working with us is a learning experience. In addition to crafting your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, we will take you through a job campaign training program to enable you to learn effective strategies about job campaigning, interviews, networking, personal branding, salary negotiations and career transitions.

  5. We have a large network of recruiters that recruit for fortune 500 companies across different functions and industries.

  6. Your satisfaction is our goal. We collaborate with you to revise your resume until you are satisfied and pleased with our work.

  7. We have helped over 3000 clients generate multiple interviews and amazing job offers at Fortune 500 companies as well as medium to small companies.

Discovering My Passion

How I Discovered My Passion

 Every founder has their story on how they found their passion and I’m no different. As they say, life begins at the end of your comfort zone and that was definitely the case for me. 

Career Heights was born from a place of discomfort.  Not just any place of discomfort, a place of discomfort that many people are familiar with: unemployment. After tirelessly applying to new jobs and waiting for responses, I grew frustrated and sad. During the worst moments, I wondered, “What if I never get a new job?” 

I had always being good at writing, and I had a love affair with words. So, I decided to reach into my skillset as a Human Resources Professional and create the resume I would want to receive as an employer. That subtle shift in thinking proved to be the secret recipe. 

In three months, I secured about 50 job interviews with Fortune 500 companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon before I finally accepted a job offer. I also became phenomenal at job interviews. 

Even after accepting a job, I knew that I had a passion for writing and that I loved to coach and motivate others to be the best they could be. Therefore, I decided to become a resume writer and career coach. The idea of utilizing my HR knowledge and real life experience to help others generate interviews and job offers was beyond exciting to me. 

I acquired my certification to become a resume writer and immediately began sharing my services on social media. Every client I worked with got multiple interviews and great job offers.  There is nothing more fulfilling than helping people’s lives change for the better when they find themselves wondering if they would ever get a new job just like I was.  My business grew faster than I ever could have imagined through client referrals and social media, so I decided to dedicate my full time to helping others achieve their career goals. 

Finding a new job is daunting and overwhelming.  My ultimate goal is to equip, empower and coach my clients to overcome the obstacles, manage their emotions, effectively navigate the job search process and achieve their dream job.  I look forward to connecting with you and helping you reach your Career Heights.